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What to eat in Malta?

Malta is a land of fascinating culinary traditions and authentic flavours. This archipelago in the heart of the Mediterranean is known not only for its beautiful beaches and historic sites, but also for its delicious cuisine. If you are curious about what to eat in Malta, this article is for you. Get ready to delight yourself with a gastronomic journey among the typical dishes of the island.

Maltese cuisine

Maltese cuisine is deeply influenced by its geographical location, surrounded by the sea. Fish dishes are therefore an absolute must. Dolphinfish (lampuka), squid, anchovies and tuna are just some of the treasures of the sea that enrich Maltese tables. Fish is often cooked simply, to allow the natural flavors to emerge.

Maltese cuisine is also generous in presenting meat dishes, such as fenek (rabbit), considered an island delicacy.

Maltese sweets are another highlight of the local cuisine. Masterfully prepared by the island’s pastry chefs, these desserts offer an unparalleled taste experience. Among the most popular delicacies are pastizzi, puff pastries filled with sweet ricotta or pea paste.

Maltese recipes are passed down from generation to generation, often with a touch of originality from each family. Culinary traditions are an important part of the island’s culture, and many recipes are associated with local holidays and celebrations. An example is timpana, a pastry pie with a filling of meat and ragù, typically prepared during the Christmas holidays. Another traditional dish is soppa tal-armla, a hot soup made with vegetables, pasta and legumes, often associated with grandmother’s preparations.

What to eat in Malta?

As you may have guessed, considering the high variety of flavors that this island has to offer, the question of what to eat in Malta could have an infinite number of answers. We have therefore tried to select some of the most well-known dishes that you definitely need to taste.

Pastizzi – The Delicious Maltese Finger Food

Let’s start our culinary journey with pastizzi, an absolute must for anyone visiting Malta. These delicious finger foods are small puff pastry bundles filled with sweet ricotta or pea paste. Perfect as a quick snack or as a savory breakfast, pastizzi are loved by locals and tourists alike.

Lampuki Pie – A Traditional Fish Dish

If you are a fish lover, you cannot miss the lampuki pie. This fish pie is made with dolphinfish, a fish typical of Maltese waters, and is baked in the oven with potatoes, olives and capers. The result is a tasty and flavourful dish, perfect for a typical Maltese lunch or dinner.

Fenek – The Maltese Rabbit

Fenek, or rabbit, is another popular traditional dish in Malta. It is usually stewed with wine, garlic, spices and vegetables, creating a succulent and satisfying flavour. Fenek is an important element of Maltese culinary culture and is often present on the menus of typical restaurants on the island.

Fenek, traditional Maltese dish

Gbejniet – The Fresh Cheeses of Malta

For cheese-loving foodies, gbejniet are a real treat. These are fresh cheeses made from sheep’s milk, produced locally and consumed both as an aperitif and as a component of typical Maltese dishes. Their smooth texture and rich flavor make them a delicacy best enjoyed with bread and olives.

Soppa tal-Armla – Grandma’s Soup

Soppa tal-Armla, literally “women’s soup”, is a warm and comforting dish that is popular in Malta. Prepared with a base of vegetables, pasta and legumes, this soup is full of flavor and filling. It is often associated with grandmother’s cooking traditions, with recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Hobz Biz-Zejt – The Maltese Sandwich

If you want to try a real Maltese sandwich, ask for a hobz biz-zejt. This simple yet delicious dish consists of rustic bread stuffed with a combination of fresh tomatoes, onion, olives, capers, tuna and goat cheese. Perfect for a quick lunch or a snack on the beach.

As you explore Malta, let yourself be tempted by its traditional dishes. Maltese cuisine will give you an unforgettable culinary experience, made up of authentic flavors and unique dishes that reflect the island’s history and culture. From pastizzi to lampuki pie, from gbejniet to soppa tal-Armla,