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Via dei Tribunali: the historic heart of Naples

Naples is a city rich in history, culture and traditions, and one of its most emblematic streets is undoubtedly Via dei Tribunali. Located in the heart of the historic center, this charming street is an authentic treasure chest that tells the thousand-year history of the city.

Walking along Via dei Tribunali, you are immediately captured by the vibrant and lively atmosphere that characterizes it. The narrow, winding streets, ancient facades and stalls selling traditional foods create a unique and engaging atmosphere. It’s as if time stopped and you were transported back in time.

The history of Via dei Tribunali dates back to Greek times, when Naples was known as Neapolis. Originally, this street was known as “Decumano Maggiore”, one of the three main streets of the ancient city. Over the centuries, Via dei Tribunali has become the political, religious and cultural center of Naples, hosting important institutions such as courts, churches and historic buildings.

What to see near via dei Tribunali?

Cathedral of Naples

One of the focal points of the historic center of Naples is the Duomo, an imposing cathedral that dominates the square of the same name. This architectural masterpiece enchants visitors with its majesty and rich artistic heritage. Inside the Cathedral there are treasures such as the Chapel of San Gennaro, which houses the relics of the patron saint of Naples, and the Baptistery of San Giovanni in Fonte, one of the oldest examples of Christian architecture in Naples.

San Gregorio Armeno

San Gregorio Armeno is a side street of Via dei Tribunali, famous throughout the world for being the heart of the craftsmanship of traditional Neapolitan “cribs”. Here, local artisans create intricate and detailed nativity scenes, bringing to life miniature characters representing the nativity. The street is lively all year round, but reaches its peak during the Christmas period, when it is transformed into a fascinating open-air nativity scene market.

Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore and Underground Naples

Continuing along Via dei Tribunali, you will find the suggestive Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore. This medieval church, built on top of an ancient Roman settlement, offers a wonderful fusion of history and art. You can visit the archaeological excavations below to discover the remains of an ancient Roman market and a series of underground environments that show daily life in ancient Neapolis.

Historic pizzerias

Via dei Tribunali is famous for its historic pizzerias, which offer an authentic Neapolitan dining experience. From Sorbillo to Antica Pizzeria Di Matteo, these pizzerias are renowned for their tradition and the art of making true Neapolitan pizza. Stop in one of these pizzerias and savor the unique taste of Neapolitan pizza with fresh and delicious ingredients.


Parallel to Via dei Tribunali, there is Spaccanapoli, a street that cuts the historic center of Naples in two. This long, picturesque street is lined with shops, craft workshops, cafes and churches, offering a fascinating insight into daily life in the city. Walking along Spaccanapoli is like taking a journey back in time, admiring the baroque architecture and Neapolitan traditions that still resist in the heart of Naples.

The history of via dei Tribunali

In Roman times, Via dei Tribunali was part of the decumanus major, one of the main streets of the Roman city of Neapolis. Over the centuries, the street has witnessed numerous historical events and architectural changes.

In the medieval period, this street became an important center of the social and economic life of Naples. The presence of the courts and administrative offices attracted people from all parts of the city. The street was animated by markets, artisan shops and meeting places, creating a lively and chaotic scene.

During the Renaissance, many nobles and wealthy families built residences along Via dei Tribunali, transforming the street into a place of great prestige. The noble houses, with their frescoes and sumptuous decorations, testify to the wealth and influence of those times.

Finally, in the Bourbon period, many buildings along the street were renovated and restored. The neighborhood also became the center of Naples’ political and cultural activity. In the following years, the street underwent various transformations, with the opening of new shops, cafes, pizzerias and restaurants until it became the street we all know today.

Via dei Tribunali is a street that captures the soul of Naples, with its richness of history, art, gastronomy and authentic Neapolitan atmosphere. During your visit, let yourself be carried away by the narrow streets and crowded squares, savor the flavors of the local cuisine and enjoy the incredible energy of this unique city in the world.