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The Treasure of San Gennaro

The Treasure of San Gennaro is one of the most extraordinary and precious treasures kept in the city of Naples. This collection of sacred objects represents a heritage of inestimable artistic, historical and religious value, testifying to the devotion towards San Gennaro, the patron saint of Naples.

The Treasure of San Gennaro is the result of centuries of donations and offerings from faithful and sovereigns. It is preserved in the Treasure Chapel inside the Cathedral of Naples, a sacred and evocative place that houses the precious gifts dedicated to the saint.

The collection

The collection includes a wide range of valuable objects, including reliquaries, jewellery, sacred vestments and liturgical objects.

Crown of San Gennaro

This crown is the most iconic symbol of the Treasure of San Gennaro. Made with gold, silver and a myriad of precious gems, including diamonds, rubies and emeralds, the crown is a masterpiece of goldsmithing. It is used during the celebrations in honor of San Gennaro and represents a symbol of great religious and cultural importance for the city.

Miter of San Gennaro

The miter of San Gennaro is a headdress worn by the saint during religious ceremonies. This elaborate ornament is decorated with precious stones and features an intricate design. It is considered a piece of great artistic and symbolic value, representing the spiritual authority of San Gennaro.

Miter of San Gennaro

Ampoule of the blood of San Gennaro

Among the most mysterious and venerated pieces of the Treasury, the ampoules contain the blood of San Gennaro, which is said to miraculously liquefy during ceremonies in honor of him. This event, known as the “miracle of blood”, is awaited with great fervor by Neapolitans and attracts faithful from all over the world.

Cross of San Gennaro

The cross of San Gennaro is a precious crucifix that is part of the Treasury. Made with gold and precious stones, it represents the sacrifice of Christ and the faith of the patron saint of Naples. The cross is a symbol of great spiritual and artistic importance.

Treasure Necklace

The Necklace is one of the most beautiful pieces of the collection and is the result of the work of the master goldsmith Michele Dato to whom the Deputation of the Royal Chapel commissioned an ornament for the bust of San Gennaro. The necklace was subsequently enriched by adding further stones and precious objects donated by kings, queens and also by common people. Among the many diamonds, emeralds and rubies that make up the necklace there are also two earrings donated by a commoner who escaped the plague.

Liturgical vestments

The Treasure of San Gennaro also includes a collection of liturgical vestments, including chasubles, dalmatics and stolons, richly decorated with embroidery, gold thread and precious gems. These vestments are worn during religious celebrations and demonstrate the art of goldsmithing and craftsmanship.

In addition to their intrinsic value, these objects are also masterpieces of art and craftsmanship. The works are created with skill, using precious materials such as gold, silver, gems and elaborate embroidery. The reliquaries are often enriched with sculptures, enamels and precious stones, which make them true works of art.

Treasure of San Gennaro testifies to the profound and centuries-old devotion of the Neapolitans towards their patron saint. The saint is widely venerated and celebrations in honor of him, such as the Feast of San Gennaro, attract thousands of faithful and visitors from all over the world. The sight of the treasures displayed in the Treasury of San Gennaro strengthens the community’s spiritual and cultural bond with the saint.

Visitors can admire the treasure by visiting the chapel inside the Naples Cathedral. This experience allows you to immerse yourself in the history and devotion that surrounds the saint, offering a unique opportunity to learn about and appreciate the artistic and religious richness of the city.

In conclusion, the Treasure of San Gennaro represents a unique heritage of its kind, which combines art, history and spirituality. This collection of sacred objects testifies to the profound devotion towards San Gennaro and the important role that the saint has in the life and culture of the city of Naples. A visit to the Treasure of San Gennaro is an experience that allows you to immerse yourself in the past and appreciate the beauty and meaning of these unique treasures in the world.