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Solfatara: in the heart of an Active Volcano

Solfatara, located in the Phlegraean Fields region, is an active volcano that offers a unique and fascinating experience. This geothermal site is one of the area’s main attractions, with its surreal landscape, steaming fumaroles and boiling mud pools. Exploring the Solfatara is an adventure that allows us to immerse ourselves in the power of the Earth and discover the geological phenomena taking place up close.

Once we enter the Solfatara crater, we will find ourselves in a landscape that seems to come from another planet. The crater walls are covered in colorful minerals, creating a display of layers and hues that testify to past and present volcanic activity. The air is thick with sulphurous vapours, creating a unique atmosphere and a distinctive smell that characterizes this place.

Solfatara is known for its geothermal phenomena, which are still active today. Fumaroles belch hot steam and sulphurous gases, creating a spectacular effect and often accompanied by hissing noises. The pools of boiling mud boil, creating small eruptions that show us the power of the Earth. These phenomena are a clear sign that Solfatara is still an active volcano, albeit in a state of relative calm.

This volcano is also a real natural laboratory for scientists. Studying it provides valuable information on the geology, volcanology and chemistry of volcanoes. Researchers can collect gas samples, measure temperature and seismic activity, and study the effects of geothermal emissions on the surrounding environment. This research helps us to better understand volcanoes and improve our knowledge for the prevention of volcanic risks.

To visit the Solfatara, it is necessary to participate in guided excursions that allow you to safely explore this unique volcanic environment but unfortunately at the moment the visits have been suspended while waiting for the area to be made safe.