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Scilla and the fisherman village of Chianalea

In the heart of the Costa Viola, overlooking the Strait of Messina, lies the picturesque town of Scilla. This enchanting seaside village, with its colorful houses climbing the hill and its suggestive panorama, enchants visitors with its beauty.

Scilla is famous for its fine sandy beach and the crystal clear sea that surrounds it. The clear waters are ideal for swimming, snorkeling and boat trips along the coast. The main beach, called Marina Grande, is a lovely place to relax and sunbathe, while beach of Chianalea offers a quieter and more authentic atmosphere.

Historic center of Scilla

The historic center is a real labyrinth of cobbled streets, stairways and arches that open onto panoramic squares. Walking through its streets is like diving into an ancient atmosphere, among the typical fishermen’s houses and small local craft shops.

One of the most iconic places in Scilla is the Ruffo Castle, which dominates the entire city. Dating back to the medieval period, it offers a spectacular view of the sea and the village below.

Another unmissable attraction is the Church of San Rocco, located in the heart of Scilla. This religious building fascinates with its baroque facade and the frescoes that decorate the interior. Every year, in mid-August, the feast of San Rocco takes place, during which the streets of Scilla come alive with music, colors and religious traditions.

The village of Chianalea

This picturesque seaside village is a true paradise for lovers of tradition and timeless beauty. Every corner of Chianalea is a work of art, a kaleidoscope of colors reflected on the turquoise sea.

The houses directly overlook the sea and some of them are even built overlooking the cliff. This peculiarity makes Chianalea a unique place of its kind, where tranquility and beauty blend in perfect harmony. Walking along the streets of Chianalea is like taking a dive into the past, among the maritime traditions and ancient crafts that still resist.

Village of Chianalea in Scilla

But perhaps the true symbol of Scylla is the mythical Monster of Scylla, whose legend has its roots in Greek antiquity. It is said that the monster terrorized sailors in the Strait of Messina until it was killed by Hercules. Today, a statue of the Monster of Scylla welcomes visitors at the entrance to the town, a symbol of strength and mythology.

Finally, you cannot leave Scilla without tasting the delicacies of the local cuisine. Fish-based dishes are the city’s specialty, with delicious seafood appetizers, fresh pasta topped with the catch of the day and mixed fried fish. To be accompanied with a glass of Calabrian wine, for a true gastronomic experience.

Scilla is a city that enchants and conquers visitors with its authentic charm and timeless beauty. An unmissable stop for those who want to explore the wonderful Calabria and live an unforgettable experience.