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Monastery of Santa Chiara and the majolica cloister

The Monastery of Santa Chiara in Naples is a place of spirituality, history and architectural beauty, which attracts both believers and lovers of art and culture.

The history of the Monastery of Santa Chiara began in 1310 when Queen Sancha of Mallorca founded the monastery for the Poor Clares. The complex was subsequently expanded and renovated during the reign of the Angevins and the Aragonese, becoming an important religious and cultural center of the city.

One of the main attractions of the monastery is the Basilica of Santa Chiara, a true architectural jewel. Its Gothic façade features a decorated portal, while the interior features magnificent frescoes and works of art.

What to see in the Monastery of Santa Chiara?

The majolica cloister of the Poor Clares

Visitors can explore the Chiostro delle Clarisse, also called Chiostro Maiolica, which is famous for its extraordinary majolica decoration, which makes the environment a true artistic masterpiece. The Majolica Cloister was designed by the famous architect Domenico Antonio Vaccaro and decorated with majolica tiles produced in the renowned Capodimonte factory. The majolica, made with great skill, depict scenes from the life of Santa Chiara, the Madonna and San Francesco as well as many still lifes and floral motifs.

The colored tiles create a breathtaking visual effect, transforming the cloister into a truly enchanted garden. Every corner of the cloister is a riot of colours, with majolica covering the walls, arches and even the floor. The use of majolica makes the environment bright and lively, creating a fascinating contrast with the Gothic architecture of the monastery.

The Majolica Cloister is also enriched by a splendid central fountain, decorated with marble sculptures and ornaments. The water flowing from the fountain creates a soothing sound and helps create an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility.

The Opera Museum

Another unmissable attraction is the Opera Museum, which houses a vast collection of works of art, archaeological finds and sacred relics.

The Monastery of Santa Chiara is an unmissable stop for anyone visiting Naples. Its history, fascinating architecture and mystical atmosphere make it a unique and evocative place.