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Lake Lucrino: the ancient Portus Julius

Lake Lucrino (or Lake Lucrinus), located in the picturesque region of Pozzuoli, is part of a system of coastal lakes. It was formed by the wave motion of the sea which over time created the strip of sand that separates it from the sea.

The lake has been a place of great historical importance since ancient times. It is surrounded by ruins and archaeological evidence that tell its thousand-year history. The whole area is in fact characterized by the remains of the Portus Julius, the Roman port built by Marco Agrippa in 37 BC. digging two canals that connected Lake Lucrino to the sea and to the nearby Lake Averno.

The port complex, commissioned by Octavian to host the Roman fleet during the period of civil wars, represented an important strategic point for military logistics. Its position in the bay of Pozzuoli offered easy access to the main sea routes of the time and for this reason it also became an important commercial port.

Over the centuries, Lake Lucrino has undergone several geological changes which have resulted in a clear reduction of its original size. To date, the remains of the port have been submerged by marine waters and represent a submerged archaeological site of great interest.