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Innsbruck Christmas markets – What to see and what to eat?

Innsbruck, the picturesque city in the mountains of Austria, transforms into an enchanting winter paradise during the Christmas season. The Innsbruck Christmas Markets offer a unique experience, enveloping visitors in a magical and festive atmosphere. Let’s find out together what makes these markets so special and what there is to see in the enchanting Innsbruck.

The history of Christmas markets

The tradition of Christmas markets dates back to the Middle Ages, when Austria and many other European regions celebrated the Christmas season with community celebrations. Innsbruck, with its strategic location in the heart of the Alps, soon became an ideal place to celebrate Christmas in a special way.

The first historical trace of the Innsbruck Christmas Markets dates back to 1973, when the city decided to organize a Christmas market in the historic center to spread the joy of Christmas and preserve local traditions. Since then, the markets have grown in popularity, attracting visitors from all over the world.

The Christmas atmosphere and tradition

The Innsbruck Christmas Markets are renowned for their warm and welcoming atmosphere. Visitors will be enveloped by the scent of cinnamon and mulled wine as they immerse themselves in a world of twinkling lights and Christmas decorations.

By exploring the markets, you will have the opportunity to purchase unique, handmade gifts. Tyrolean craftsmanship is on display at many stalls, offering traditional items such as wool scarves, decorated pottery and handcrafted toys. The little ones will be enchanted by the toy stalls and attractions designed especially for them. Santa Claus will certainly be present, creating an atmosphere of joy and amazement.

Toys at the Christmas markets in Innsbruck

In addition to the stalls, the Christmas Markets offer a variety of events and shows that enliven the city squares. Christmas concerts, choir performances, theatrical performances and the presence of Santa Claus contribute to creating a festive and engaging atmosphere for visitors of all ages.

Innsbruck Markets

What to eat at the Innsbruck Christmas markets?

The Innsbruck Christmas Markets are not only an opportunity to immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere, but also to delight your palate with typical Tyrolean cuisine delicacies.


Bauernkrapfen are irresistible desserts that will conquer your senses. These are soft pancakes filled with jam or sweet cream, prepared according to traditional Tyrolean recipes. Enjoy the warmth of these sweets as you stroll through the decorated stalls.


Kaiserschmarrn is a typical delight of Austria and the Alpine regions. These are sweet pancakes, often served with icing sugar and jam. The irresistible fragrance of these pancakes will attract you to every corner of the market.


Zelten is a Christmas specialty that stands out for its richness of dried fruit, spices and candied fruit. This Tyrolean panettone is an absolute must for lovers of traditional desserts, offering a blend of authentic flavours.


Bratkartoffeln are roast potatoes, often prepared with bacon, onion and herbs that make them irresistible. This dish cooks slowly between the stalls, spreading an enveloping and inviting aroma.


Tyrolean sausages

Tyrolean sausages, prepared with high quality meat and traditional flavourings, are a delight for carnivores. Enjoy them accompanied by mustard and sauerkraut for a complete tasting experience.

Glühwein (mulled wine)

Glühwein, or mulled wine, is a hot drink made with red wine, spicy aromas and citrus fruits. Sipping a cup of Glühwein among the twinkling lights of the markets is an unmissable ritual.

Hot chocolate

Nothing warms the heart like a homemade hot chocolate. The master chocolatiers present at the markets offer rich and creamy versions of this drink, often accompanied by whipped cream and chocolate flakes.

Useful information for the visit

  • The Innsbruck Christmas Markets take place from mid-November until Christmas Eve, therefore from 15 November to 23 December.
  • Innsbruck is easily accessible by car. It is possible to park in the centre, at reasonable prices, in one of the many covered car parks. To travel on the motorway you must purchase the vignette before crossing the border.

The Innsbruck Christmas Markets are an unmissable stop for those who love the festive atmosphere and want to immerse themselves in Austrian Christmas traditions. With twinkling lights, quaint stalls and culinary delights, Innsbruck offers a unique experience that will make your Christmas unforgettable. Get ready to experience the Christmas enchantment among the majestic mountains of Innsbruck.