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The most beautiful italians films shot on Capri

Capri, with its enchanting beauty and breathtaking landscape, has been a location of choice for many internationally renowned directors. The island has served as the backdrop for numerous films that have captured its magic and unique atmosphere. Let’s see together some of the most famous films shot on Capri that have contributed to making the island a true icon of cinema.

What are the best films shot on Capri?

The Bay of Naples (1960)

This film is a romantic comedy that shows the beauty and folklore of Naples and the island of Capri, where some scenes were filmed. The soundtrack includes the famous song Tu vuò fà l’americano, sung by Sophia Loren accompanied on guitar by Paolo Carlini.

Le Mépris (1963)

Directed by French director Jean-Luc Godard, “Le Mépris” (Contempt) is a film that mixes drama and introspection. Much of the film is shot on Capri, and the island becomes a fundamental element in the narrative, representing the beauty and fragility of human relationships. Capri shows itself in all its splendor, with its cliffs overlooking the sea, sea caves and enchanting landscapes.

Totò in Color (1952)

“Totò in color” is a work that celebrates the magic of Capri and the comic genius of Totò. The meeting between the great Italian comedian and the dream island creates a unique mix that mixes laughter, emotions and scenic beauty. The film represents a fun and enchanting journey through the streets of Capri, giving the public the opportunity to immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere of the island and enjoy Totò’s irresistible performances.

Totò in Color

Marriage Girls (1952)

The film, directed by Luigi Zampa and released in 1952, tells the story of two young engaged couples, played by Marisa Allasio and Renato Salvatori, who go to Capri to spend a romantic honeymoon. But things get complicated when they meet a charming playboy, played by Antonio Cifariello, who puts their loyalty and love to the test.

The Emperor of Capri (1949)

This film tells the story of Salvatore Lojacono, a modest Neapolitan barber played by Totò, who is mistaken for the richest man in the world. The comedy develops between hilarious situations, misunderstandings and comic gags, with Totò grappling with the challenges of pretending to be an oriental prince.

The Emperor of Capri

Second tragic Fantozzi (1976)

The film tells the misadventures of Ugo Fantozzi, the antihero par excellence played by Paolo Villaggio. In this adventure, Fantozzi finds himself catapulted into the exclusive and glamorous atmosphere of Capri, when he joins Miss Silvani and a group of tourists for a holiday on the island. Comical situations follow one another, leading Fantozzi to deal with the worldliness and eccentricities of his traveling companions.

Why does Capri attract artists?

Capri attracts artists from all over the world, thanks to its magical atmosphere and its timeless beauty. The picturesque streets and unique light of the island are still a source of inspiration for many today. This island is a true open-air museum, where art blends with nature in perfect harmony.

Capri also offers a perfect retreat for artists seeking inspiration. The quiet atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of continental cities allows you to concentrate on artistic creation. Many famous celebrities and artists have chosen the island as a place of creative retreat.