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Capri, a dream island – what to see?

Located in front of the coast of Sorrento, this small island enchants visitors with its beauty, crystal clear waters, sea caves and breathtaking views. Capri has always been a destination for celebrities, artists and travelers looking for a unique and fascinating destination.

Blue Grotto

One of the main attractions of Capri is the famous Blue Grotto, a magical and evocative place where the sea waters light up an intense blue thanks to the light that filters through the opening of the cave. An unforgettable experience is to enter the cave on board small boats and admire the spectacle of the light and blue reflections that spread into the surrounding environment.

Piazzetta of Capri

Another place not to be missed is the Piazzetta of Capri (the little square), the beating heart of the island. Luxury shops, trendy cafes and typical restaurants are concentrated here, where you can sit outdoors and enjoy a vibrant and lively atmosphere. The Piazzetta is also an excellent starting point for exploring the historic center of Capri with its narrow streets, artisan shops and historic buildings.


One of the symbols of Capri are the Faraglioni, three imposing rocks that emerge from the sea and which have become one of the most photographed places on the island. These majestic stacks can be admired both from land and by boat, offering spectacular views of the surrounding seascape.

Path of the Forts

For nature lovers, Capri offers numerous hiking trails that lead to breathtaking views. One of the most famous routes is the Path of the Forts which winds along the western coast of the island offering panoramic views of the sea and coast. Another option is Monte Solaro, the highest point on the island, reached via a funicular which offers an incredible panoramic view of Capri and the surrounding islands.

Gardens of Augustus

Finally, you cannot visit Capri without taking a walk through the Gardens of Augustus. This is an enchanting panoramic park full of exotic plants, fragrant flowers and classical statues. From here you can admire a spectacular view of the cliffs, the sea and Marina Piccola, one of the most beautiful bays on the island.

Capri is a destination that enchants the senses and leaves an indelible mark in the hearts of those who visit it. With its breathtaking beauty, fascinating culture and refined atmosphere, Capri is a dream island that deserves to be explored and admired.